Pricing Structure

myFreelance has no membership fees.

Posting a freelance job, or requesting the help of a freelancer, is, and will remain free on

In a future website update, we will be adding featured listings, which will be applicable to a fee. This will be announced in due time.

myFreelance strive to keep our fees to a minimum. 

Therefore, buyers on the myFreelance platform have no fees applicable, other than their applicable banking (PayFast/PayPal/ect) transfer fees.

Please familiarize yourself with your banking fees to avoid confusion with your payments.

myFreelance aims to be South Africa’s leading platform for all freelancers.

We, therefore, keep our seller fees to as low as possible.

Our current applicable fees for a job is:

  • R15 or 10% of the total amount applicable to the job, whichever is greater
  • Any applicable transfer fees for the use of PayPal/PayFast/etc.

myFreelance does not currently have any handling fees.

When a user withdraws funds from their myFreelance E-wallet account, there will be a withdrawal fee applicable. 

The current withdrawal fee is: TBA

Should myFreelance be requested to act as a 3rd party during a freelance job dispute, the following fees will be applicable:

  • R100 admin fee
  •  5% of the total amount paid by the buyer to myFreelance for the applicable job of which such payment relates to

Please note that the above fees will be deducted from your E-Wallet account, and you will therefore need sufficient funds in your account for the service.

We encourage open and professional communication between our users (buyers and sellers) to avoid unsatisfied service.

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